Sex dolls has received an agency for the sale of sex dolls from Gynoid in Denmark.

Sex dolls from Gynoid are the most realistic sex dolls we have ever seen! And we are very proud to have obtained the right to sell in Denmark.

Gynoid Tech focuses on the development of silicone sex dolls with and without artificial intelligence - and their craftsmanship is sublime.

With a combination of 3D modeling and traditional craftsmanship, Gynoid has brought us much closer to lifelike replicas of the most beautiful women imaginable.

A sex doll from Gynoid consists of an unsurpassed silicone mixture and alloyed skeleton with real joints in all extremities. No steel wire is used here in either fingers or toes. They are composed of hinged joints.

The skin has all the realistic details one could wish for. Realistic skin folds, depressions - and even artful veins are integrated into the dolls' skin. They have it all!

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Remote support


Also try our remote support which is available through Faaborg-Midtfyns IT, if you find online shopping confusing. This allows customer service to show you all our sex dolls while you sit and watch on your own computer. Together we can put together exactly the doll you want while we have you on the phone and you sit and watch it all happen on your own screen.

Download the module for remote support here and call tel .: +45 39 39 30 44

Buy a realistic sex doll designed according to your own wishes

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Sex Doll World would like to give you the opportunity to purchase your very own unique sex doll. In our webshop we have therefore built a very advanced module for customizing realistic sex dolls - regardless of brand. It gives you total control over the appearance of your doll - from head to toe.

You will get the best starting point, however, if you find the perfect body for your sex doll from one of our many galleries and adapt the details afterwards.

All our sex dolls have both oral, vaginal and anal options, just as all our sex dolls can be purchased with the option of being able to stand upright.

In addition, we have pretty much everything the heart can desire of different types and ethnicities on our sex dolls. And of course you can also choose whether your sex doll should be brunette, blonde, redhead etc.


Who uses sex dolls?


All people from all walks of life can use a sex doll. A few examples could be:

Sex dolls as a substitute for casual sex
Realistic sex dolls are ideal for men and women who, for various reasons, do not have the time, or desire, to seek out casual relationships or occasional dating to have sex.

Men (and some women) who usually have a consumption of escort services can save a lot of time and a lot of money by buying their own sex doll. In addition to the financial savings, there is also an obvious zero risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases when using your sex doll instead of street prostitutes or escorts.

Sex dolls for the experimental relationships
Sex dolls can be absolutely amazing extras in relationships where a threesome is an unfulfilled fantasy. With a sex doll, no complications arise as a result of sudden jealousy, which may end in the relationship breaking down.

People with special fetishes
Sex dolls allow anyone with special fetishes to live out their fantasies with a sex doll in cases where they can not be satisfied with a partner or 'playmate'.

Avoid being cheated - we only have the real thing

  • When you shop at Sex Doll World, a certificate of authenticity is always included with your WM Doll. It is your guarantee that the doll is produced to the highest quality standard. This ensures that the doll's skin can actually withstand lively activity and that the skeleton and extremities can hold the position in which your sex doll is put.
  • Many webshops use WM, YL and OR Dolls images to sell counterfeit goods with. This is more prevalent than one might think. That's why you can often find sex dolls that look like real WM Dolls for half the price - or less.
  • You can always check if your WM Doll is genuine by testing your proof of authenticity on WM's 'anti-fake system'.

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Free delivery

When we send your sex doll home to you, shipping is always free - unless you choose express shipping with FedEx at checkout.

Low prices

We want to be among the cheapest retailers of high quality sex dolls. And we always lower prices as much as possible.

Discreet delivery

A sex doll always arrives in a plain, brown cardboard box without labeling from the manufacturer. And the driver does not know what's in it.


Your sex doll is verified before sending

When your new sex doll has been produced, we will send you pictures of it, so you can visually confirm that everything is in order in terms of skin color, head, options, etc. before shipping.

We only have high quality sex dolls

We only work with manufacturers who we know who know their craft - and to whom we have a direct telephone line in case of questions.

We are authorized by all our suppliers

We only sell sex dolls with certificates of authenticity from the manufacturer! This is your guarantee that you will not be cheated with inferior copies from unknown manufacturers - which is very common.

Free delivery.

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Production time approx. 14 days. Normal shipping approx. 14 days - but may vary due to corona restrictions. Normally you can expect to receive her within 30 days, but at the moment. we experience a transport time of up to 60 days.

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