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When TPE dolls are produced, liquid TPE is poured into a mold and then allowed to cure. Therefore, if nothing is done to prevent the breasts from having the same consistency as the rest of the body, the breasts will be very firm. While this is often desirable and much appreciated in smaller A- and B-Cup sizes, the hardness you expect in a thigh is not the hardness you expect in a breast. At least not when it comes to bigger breasts.

Therefore, a cavity is often made inside each breast, or they are filled with jelly. This gives larger breasts (D or larger) a more natural feel.


Firm breasts

All our sex dolls with breasts with a size B - or less - are always delivered with firm and solid breasts. This is the natural choice because the firmness is true to this breasts size in real women. 


Hollow breasts

Large breasts (D or larger) that are fully cast by TPE can feel fake - a bit like breast implants. Hollow breasts, on the other hand, are very lively. In addition, most of our customers believe that hollow breasts feel more lifelike when they become larger than a D-cup.


Gel breasts

Gel breasts are the preferred option when it comes to realistic breasts for sex dolls. They are softer than firm breasts and more firm than hollow breasts.

Gels are the perfect compromise for larger breasts than D. It is the upgrade that comes closest to the feel of a real breast. The gel is simply made to behave and feel like human fat, which makes the upgrade very realistic.

Extra lively breasts demo 1 - Example of hollow breasts
Extra lively breasts demo 2 - Example of hollow breasts
Extra lively breasts with gel
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