Wig or implanted hair?

When choosing hair for your sex doll, you will often come across two difficult choices; Should you choose a wig or implanted hair? We describe advantages and disadvantages here.



The advantage of choosing a wig is that you can change the hairstyle of your doll when you need a change of appearance. Hairstyle, hair color and hair length can radically change the look of your sex doll. This is the strongest argument for choosing a wig over implanted hair.

The downside is that for obvious reasons, a wig is not as firmly attached as implanted hair. And if it does not fit properly, a wig can make your doll look less vivid.


Implanted hair

The exact opposite is true when we talk about implanted hair. Implanted hair gives your doll a fantastic lifelike look, but if you choose this type of hair, you have far fewer options for changing hairstyle. Another benefit, of course, is that you never have to worry about the hairline suddenly shifting. Or that the hair simply falls off during lively activity.

Note: One very major disadvantage of implanted hair is that in most manufacturers it means that the head can not be used orally.

 If you decide on implanted hair, you can choose between two types:

  • Implanted synthetically.
  • Implanted naturally (human hair).

Implanted human hair gives your doll the ultimate vitality. We do not exaggerate when we claim that there is something absolutely amazing about the scent of a real woman's hair - with slits and all. If vitality is the most important thing to you, you can not get around implanted human hair.

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