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Sex Doll from 6YE - 160 cm. D-cup with Head No. 18

DKK 16,873.75

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Sex dolls from 6YE are distinguished by their flexibility and special construction of the skeletons.

Where most other manufacturers make the skeletons of steel, 6YE makes their skeletons of hollow aluminum. This makes them significantly lighter and easier to handle. 6YE also uses special ball joints for joints of the extremities, which make the dolls more durable in the joints and prevent them from becoming too loose over time. The skeleton is therefore also more flexible, allowing for 360-degree rotation of the arms, instead of just up and down, or from side to side.

In addition, you can choose between 3 levels of joints:

Normal joints, dense joints or loose joints - depending on how easily you want your doll to move.

6YE also uses enhanced TPE, which is oil and odor free. It is therefore not necessary to brush your doll with talcum powder or cornmeal like other TPE dolls on the market. Their maintenance is minimal and their durability is excellent.

You will be impressed by their exquisite craftsmanship around the dolls' vagina. Their details and realism when it comes to the genitals have given them an excellent reputation among the users.


160 cm


6YE Doll



Hair color


Type and ethnicity



6YE 018

cup size

D-cup (EU)

Chest measurements

82 cm


57 cm


86 cm


33 kg

Oral depth

12 cm

Vagina depth

17 cm

Anus depth

15 cm

Body type

Ectomorph (slim)

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