Many people from all walks of life own sex toys. Among women, for example, it's quite normal to have a box of dildos and other toys under the bed. But so far it has been somewhat more taboo for men to own something similar.

One of the most well-known tools for men is probably fleshlight. But it has its limitations. Contrary to a fleshlight, sex dolls allow men to step into a completely realistic 3D universe of the sexiest women they can imagine.

This is a revolutionary component in sex toys for men. High-quality sex dolls, such as those produced by WM or YL Doll, feel completely like real women. And their looks are amazingly lifelike.

If you have first tried a high-quality sex doll, then a new standard has been set for the masturbation experience. One that is hard to go back from.

Sex dolls as a substitute for casual sex

Sex dolls are ideal for men and women who, for various reasons, do not have the time or desire to seek out random relationships in order to have sex.

Men (and some women) who usually have a consumption of escort services can save oceans of both time and money by buying their own sex doll. In addition to the economic aspect, there is also an obvious zero risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases when using your sex doll instead of street prostitutes or escorts.


Sex dolls for the experimental relationships

Sex dolls can be absolutely amazing extras in relationships where a threesome is an unfulfilled fantasy. With a sex doll, no complications arise as a result of sudden jealousy, which may end in the relationship breaking down.


People with special fetishes

Sex dolls allow anyone with special fetishes to live out their fantasies with a sex doll in cases where they can not be satisfied with a partner or playmate.


Sex dolls as a replacement for models for photography

High quality sex dolls can be purchased with upgraded skeletons that allow the entire human range of motion. Therefore, they can pose completely as real models and are a very cheap alternative to a model's salary.


Sex dolls as a replacement for a partner

Some men completely choose a fixed relationship from. There can be several reasons for this. For example, older men who have become widowers. Some of them cannot manage to find a new life partner, but still have sexual needs that need to be met. Here, a sex doll can be a solution.

Some men also choose sex dolls as a substitute for a relationship based on some gender considerations. For example, among men who identify as MGTOW (but going their own way).

MGTOW is an ideology that has grown out of MRA (Mens rights activists). And many supporters of this mindset believe that sex dolls have a liberating potential for men. With a sex doll, they can, so to speak, become self-sufficient in sexual gratification without risking destructive divorces, unreasonable divorce settlements and unreasonable compromises in their everyday lives.

The reasons for using sex dolls are many. We believe that the prevalence of sex dolls will follow the same pattern as online dating in the 0s. At first, only a few will admit that they use them, but later they become just as normal as using Tinder now.

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